Children's Charity for the Freeman Hospital

Many people will be familiar with the 100mile24hour run I completed at Easter in aid of CHUF (Children’s Heart Unit Fund at the Freeman Hospital) and you may well think that was my first foray into the world of crazy endurance challenges for CHUF; you would be wrong!

This all started 2 years ago, when 4 fantastic friends and I devised the Seb4CHUF C2C Challenge; running 5 Marathons in 5 days from Whitehaven on the North West coast of England and finishing at Tynemouth on the North East coast (raising £18,000 along the way). Thinking that wasn’t enough, we doubled it and created the Seb4CHUF C2C² Challenge, and in 2010 we cycled from east to west (140 miles in 2 days) and ran 5 Marathons in 5 days back; once again finishing on the beautiful golden sands at Tynemouth (raising £67,000). Both were the most amazing experiences and alongside the hardcore of people completing the entire Challenge, we were joined by so many wonderful people cycling or running Half Marathon, Marathon and everything in between. The success of these events hinged on our ability to create something difficult enough that it would hit the headlines, whilst offering as many opportunities for others to join us for sections along the way.

With this in mind immediately after the C2C² last August I started thinking about what this year’s Challenge could be. How could I make it harder without being impossible, more eye catching without being a logistical nightmare and most importantly have as many opportunities for people to join us along the way and help to maximise the money we raise for CHUF. I’ve always liked the thought of the challenge taking place between Cumbria and the North East because this encompasses the geographical areas that the Heart Unit at the Freeman looks after; it helps that we are able to enjoy some of the most stunning scenery our wonderful Country has to offer along the way.

The result of my pondering created the Seb4CHUF C2C³ Challenge (see what I’ve done there with the name). The 3 represents the 3rd year we have taken on the C2C, the 3 days it will take us to get across the Country and the 3 different disciplines we will employ to do it.

So here it is:

Day 1 (Sunday 12th August):        

Whitehaven to Brampton

Cycle 100 miles and swim 1 mile across Derwent Water – Keswick (the swim takes place 30 miles into the ride)

Day 2 (Monday 13th August):      

Brampton to Close House Hotel in Heddon on the Wall

Run a double Marathon (53 miles)

Day 3 (Tuesday 14th August):      

Close House Hotel to Tynemouth (via the Monument in Newcastle)

                Run a Marathon or Half Marathon (the final Half Marathon leg is from the Monument)

I know it sounds a little confusing but the aim of the C2C³ is to enable as many people to join us as logistically possible and including running, cycling and swimming certainly allows this to happen. In fact this year there will be over 60 people joining us throughout the 3 days, all achieving fantastic personal goals and raising as much money for CHUF as possible.

It’s so difficult to convey how special this event is to us; the simple fact that people are prepared to go through hell for ‘our’ challenge and to raise money for the Heart Unit that saved our Son’s life is something that a simple thank you will never suffice. The success of what Nadine and I have achieved with Seb4CHUF in the last 3 years is best illustrated by the C2C events, with many people coming together for a common goal and making miracles happen. The short film of last year’s C2C² helps you to understand a little of what it is about:

I’m not going to use this blog to tell you about the training that has gone into this event or the huge planning that is required to make it happen. I’m also not going to name every single individual (I’ll save that for nearer the time); instead I wanted to try and communicate what it is, how special an event we feel it is and how many amazing people make it happen.

You can follow us on Twitter:!/Seb4chuf

To donate: visit or text ‘CHUF99’ and ‘£5’ or ‘£10’ to 70070.

The Seb4CHUF C2C³ is pleased to have SpeedFlex as our main sponsor, with excellent support also from:

Richard Hardie Motors

Start Fitness


Kinesio UK

Northumbrian Water


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