Children's Charity for the Freeman Hospital

So what was the C2C3 Challenge? I’ll tell you; it was the hardest damn Coast 2 Coast imaginable!

Day 1:    Cycle 30 miles from Whitehaven to Derwent Water in Keswick

                Swim 1 mile across Derwent Water

                Cycle 70 miles from Derwent Water to Brampton

Day 2:    Run a double Marathon (53 miles) from Brampton to Heddon on the Wall

Day 3:    Run a Marathon from Heddon on the Wall to Tynemouth via Newcastle

Our final group joined us in Newcastle and ran a Half Marathon to Tynemouth

The purpose of this blog isn’t to take you through every drama of the C2C3; we have a short film for that. It is to give you an insight into how we have got to where we are and the people that have been a part of this amazing journey.

Let me take you back just over 3 years to May 5th 2009 and the start of our fundraising journey. It was the loneliest place in the world; minutes felt like hours as we watched our beautiful boy cling to life by a thread in paediatric intensive care at the Freeman Hospital.  Compare this to the final few miles of our C2C3 as we ran towards the golden sands of Tynemouth beach and you will understand why we have been so humbled by those who have helped make Seb4CHUF such a success. I spent long periods of our epic challenge emotionally overwhelmed by how many people had sacrificed so much and were prepared to endure such physical pain for a cause so close to our hearts.

Do you measure success by how much money you raise or by how many people get to hear your story? I’ve come to learn that the definition of success is far more complex than that; millionaires can donate huge sums to important causes, yet nothing more than a ripple in the ocean of humanity is created. Success is when you can tell your story; expose your greatest fear and take people on a journey where your own dreams and ambitions become theirs. In an effort to thank the amazing place that saved our son’s life we have tried to do all of these things, so people really understood and engaged with us; the result was the following….

…over 3 years we’ve run 13 Marathons, cycled 240 miles, swum 1 mile across a freezing lake and many other fantastic adventures; but that only tells a small part of the story.  I can’t possibly list every single person who has been a part of these crazy challenges; it would be unjust to single any one person out because everyone has been amazing. Dozens of people have run their first Marathon or Half Marathon, got back on their bike for the first time in decades or have even learnt to swim and this year a few even became Ultra-Marathon runners.  We have all raised over £240,000 for CHUF (Children’s Heart Unit Fund at the Freeman Hospital) and been a part of so many inspiring personal stories of success, achievement and positivity.

So to try and compare that feeling of complete and utter loneliness as we prayed Seb would live, with the overwhelming sense that you had been a part of something so uplifting and positive with the most amazing group of individuals you could hope to meet is beyond special; it’s life changing.


Margaret Mead once said:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

We may not have changed the world, but if our efforts have given a ‘heart’ child like Seb even a 0.1% better chance of survival then it will have all been worthwhile and we can all feel proud.

Here is the film of our recent epic C2C3 Challenge in aid of CHUF:


You can follow us on Twitter:!/Seb4chuf

To donate visit:  or text ‘CHUF99’ and ‘£5’ or ‘£10’ to 70070



Comments on: "How our inspirational C2C3 Team made a difference" (2)

  1. Well done with all you have achieved.

    • Hi mate, thanks for taking the time to read my blog. We are approaching our 3rd anniversary of fundraising for the Heart Unit and it looks like we’ll pass the £250,000 mark! We really appreciate your support and look forward to reading about your next expedition.

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